The Shrine of your Life: a spiritual practice

Find some time to be by yourself or with people you love and trust, in a quiet place, somewhere safe, comfortable, and inviting.

Lay down or sit down and make yourself comfortable.

You are going to visualize and create a shrine dedicated to your own life. You are going to do this because your life is important. You want to be your best self, and recognizing the value of your own life, and the values that support it, is one of the best things you can do to replenish your life force so that you might continue doing good in the world, helping yourself and others in any number of ways.

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Top 5 Reasons why the Masses Believe the Fake Pandemic Narrative

1. They want to believe. Why? Well, first off because it makes their humdrum lives a bit more interesting. Some might say this is the most controversial of my claims, but I happen to think it’s the most self-evident. Not everyone has seen or read ‘Fight Club’, and not everyone who has remembers the lines about how we as people have (had?) no Great War or no Great Depression and therefore we war with ourselves and our great depression is our lives…but there is a truth there (yes, even in Palahniuk) that applies to everyone living inside of Leviathan.

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The Apostles of Jasun and Paul

This morning I read the recent exchanges between Jasun Horsley and a man from his Dave Oshana circle called Paul, centering on differences of perspective regarding the psycho-socio-political landscape of our modern times [In itself, it is interesting that the same spiritual leader might attract Biden and Trump supporters, but that is something I may have to get into another time].

I would like to offer a few comments, but far more in the way of questions.

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